How to Collect Topical Stamps of India

Topical collectors are the ones who keep collecting stamps pertaining to a certain topic. Stamps of India have been very popular among topical collectors due to the range topics that have been covered on them. The credit really goes to the fact that India as a country is so multi-dimensional in terms of traditions, culture and history. Every region brings in its own exciting flavour. There is a lot of demand of rare Indian Stamps even in the international markets. Very recently a Gandhi stamp was auctioned for lakhs of rupees. Imagine you had one of them in your collection, you would have hit a jackpot today.Indian Stamps

Various stamps of India have touched upon different topics like historical monuments, famous personalities, events from the past, wildlife, flowers, trains. The list is almost endless. There are philatelists who love collecting Indian Stamps based on their personal likes. I personally know of a collector who likes collecting stamps of India featuring birds and flowers on them. He is an environmentalist and likes reading up on related topics. When I introduced him to his hobby, he was inclined towards collecting these topical Indian Stamps. Very recently, I also got a chance to meet him when I also checked his personal collection. I was amused to see the kind of rare Indian Stamps that he had with them, related to his field of interest.

If you are a new collector and are confused about where to start then try finding out where your true interest lies. Then check with your friends if they have any stamps related to that topic. If not then you don’t have to worry.  Hit the nearest post office and order stamps of India based on your choice. Today, the internet has made this world such a small place that buying stamps of foreign countries has also become a matter of just a few clicks.


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