Does Young India Know About History of Lodi Dynasty?

If you were to conduct a survey by asking random young Indians about the various dynasties of Indian History, how many of them do you think will have definite answers? Not many really. It is a very sorry state to know that young India is not aware about our own glorious past. Times are changing and with that, our outlook towards life! People today only want to be close to the changing trends which are evolving day by day. In that process though, they are forgetting about our roots and rich cultural heritage. There are many dynasties in India which has shaped our country one of which is the Lodi dynasty. Very few people would be aware about the history of Lodi dynasty since the popular topics covered in history does not include the same. They might know about rulers like Akbar, Shivaji, Tipu Sultan etc, but not much about Lodi dynasty.

History of Lodi Dynasty

All said and done, the best way to learn about a particular dynasty like the Lodi dynasty is to get down to the basics and understand the geography of their empire. Then you can start reading about their origins. There could be multiple theories about the history of Lodi dynasty which is why it is very important to refer to the most reliable sources while conducting your research. The next thing you can look up on is the chronology of rulers of Lodi dynasty. Then you can start reading about the various important events that took place during their reign. You could also start reading about Lodi dynasty coinage, through which you will get a whole new dimension about various aspects.

Many people complain that they don’t find history interesting. There is a need to change this very mindset. Only when you engross yourself into the history of Lodi dynasty will you solve unknown mysteries that not many would know about.


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