The History of Mughals and Its Rulers

Everyone is aware about the Mughal History and its rulers. The Mughal period was very significant in India as it saw many Mughal emperors of diverse personalities; some were orthodox while others were open-minded. The history of Mughal Empire is vast and very interesting. It was founded by Babur, a central Asian ruler. However, when it came to consolidating neither Babur nor his son Humayan were able to do justice to the Mughal Empire. The Mughal Empire would have almost lost its sheen but it was solely because of a mighty ruler like Akbar, the Mughal Empire history took shape.

Mughal Empire

Akbar was a pious ruler and chose his men based on merits rather than religion. He was an empath as he treated his enemies with respect after defeating them. Also, to form political alliances with Rajput kings, he married Rajput princesses. Mughal history without Akbar would have been very different as he was born with qualities of a leader. It was because of him that the Mughal Empire expanded and saw many achievements. Akbar took domination in Surat and Gujarat, expanding the Indian Mughal history to the west coast. Bengal too was captured by him.

The Mughal Empire was flourishing limitlessly under the rule of Akbar and history was in the making. After Akbar’s death, his son Jahangir came to power, his traits varied from Akbar as he was more popular for his love of art. Jahangir’s wife Nur Jahan took center-stage after he didn’t take any interest in the matters of the court. Coins have been issued under her name during his reign. However, just like his father, Jahangir too was an open-minded emperor. Shah Jahan who was Jahangir’s successor was not liberal in nature and had his limits. But under his rule, India became richest center in arts, crafts and architecture.


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