Getting to the roots of Sikh History to understand their interesting outlook towards Life!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Sikhs? One thing that I have always noticed is that they sport a pleasing smile, no matter what. I had a very good Sardarji friend of mine during my college days. With whatever little interactions I had with him, I found out that, they live for the moment and are pure at their heart. What makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd is their amazing turban. It has become a part of their identity. There was something intriguing about them that made me want to read about sikh history. For that, I had to first start reading about Sikh Empire.

Coming from a science background, doing research was not new to me. The thumb rule for doing any kind of research is that you need to keep looking for authentic information. There are several websites which share information about sikh history. You need to be careful while choosing yours. The most common problem that we face while doing research about history of sikh is that you don’t really know if the information you find is right or wrong. You can’t blindly believe anything and everything. Before reading whatever I found on the internet about sikh empire,

sikh empire

I started finding out information about great historians. I also prefer reading books on sikh history than checking out random websites. Slowly and steadily I started gathering information and updating my knowledge-base. Then I started reading about the various important rulers of sikh empire. Every time I read a new article, I found out something even more interesting. After reading many of them, I realised that the Sikhs were brave and fearless and would do anything for their community.

Even today, if you compare various religions with each other, you will find out that Sikhs are the ones who are involved in a lot of social work and other such initiatives.


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