Understand British India History to Know the Importance of Freedom

History is not the same when you get into the depths of things. History textbooks in schools only give you an overview about the various events that took place in the past. As a kid, I was always intrigued by British India History for some odd reason. Probably because, if it wasn’t for all those brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives for independence, we wouldn’t have been roaming around so freely today! Now imagine someone pointing a gun at you – point blank. What would your first reaction be? We would all be scared to death and look for an opportunity to escape from that dangerous situation. That wasn’t the case with all those freedom fighters who have defined the history of British India. They were absolutely fearless to the core. They cared less about their own lives and worked tirelessly to achieve their only mission – Swarajya. Bhagat Singh and Mahatma Gandhi are only a few names that are talked about generally when it comes to British India History. There were several other unsung heroes as well who we hardly know about. As an Indian, I always feel that we should read about history of British India in detail so that we know those stories which defined our country’s future.

British India History 2

The sorry state of our country today is that we never value the importance of this independence that we gained from British. We have taken many things for granted and are misusing this very power fulfill our own greedy desires. History of British India talked about how we became slaves of a foreign country, but after independence do you really think we have been celebrating freedom the way we should ideally be celebrating? After British India history, our country has seen how politicians keep looting us through various scams. We need to start learning from the history of British India and think of ways in which we can free ourselves from this kind of governance. We need to understand that India being a democratic country, we will have to strongly stand for our rights. We will have to exercise the power of voting and elect the right candidates for leadership. It is only when we start understanding British India History well, that we will stand up for our rights more fearlessly.


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