The Organized Approach Of Collection Rare Stamps Of India

Discipline is something that cannot be really taught. It comes only with experience and your outlook towards life. It is a virtue that can be applied in various areas, be it your professional or personal life. Those you are more disciplined tend to be more successful for some reason. Same is the case with the hobby of stamp collecting. I have been collecting Rare Stamps of India since several years now. The reason why I can say I have a decent collection of rare Indian stamps is because I was extremely disciplined. I made it a point to analyse and understand various aspects about philately each time I got a chance to do that. Knowledge is everything when it comes to this hobby. The more you gain knowledge the better it is. This way you can be much more confident when someone comes up to you with a set of Old Indian stamps. You can tell by simply looking at the stamps whether they are actually rare or not.indian stamps 1

Another thing which I always keep in mind while collecting Stamps of India is that I never compromise on safety of my collection. I had a very bad experience which forced me to take this decision. I had a set of some really rare and Old Indian stamps in great condition. I did not take care of them and one fine day, a cup of tea fell on the entire set of stamps in India. I was devastated; I did not know what to do next. There was no point in crying over spilled milk. From that day onwards I decided to keep my collection of Old Indian stamps in good quality albums and sleeves. Another plus point of keeping stamps safely in albums is that you are eliminating the chances of losing them. What I learned from all these experiences is that you need to take an organized approach towards this wonderful hobby.


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  1. I definitely think it is important to safeguard your collection. I am debating between albums with mounts and albums with transparent sleeves. Not sure yet. What do you recommend.


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