My Tryst with East Indian Company History

History of India can be broadly classified as ancient, medieval and British India. Out history is so vast that you might need more than a lifetime to understand the whole of it in detail. It is all up to you where you want to start. Personally, I was someone who never liked history in my school days. But something made me want to go back to those history books once again now after 20 long years. I started reading history of ancient India first and have slowly moved on to reading about east India company history now. I was surprised when I got to know so many interesting facts about History of East India Company. Ever since then, I have never stopped. My curiosity led me to different places. I started reading more and more about east India company history and today I can proudly say that I have reached somewhere at least.

East India Company

It all started with trade but the actual intention was to colonise India. After the Portuguese landed in India, the sea route that connected Europe and India was established. Many other European countries including England were keen about capturing this market for import and export of goods. The major reason why they wanted to do that is because India was rich in various aspects like spices, cotton etc. If you were to consider the highlights of history of East India Company, then all you will find is suppression. At first, Indian traders believed that things would change and business would be profitable. Only after some years they realised that The East India Company was all set to loot our people and make us bankrupt. One of the major events while talking about East India company history is the revolt of 1857. It was at this time when people from different parts of our subcontinent came together to fight against the unfair rule. By the end of the revolt, India was officially declared as a British Colony forcefully. That was when the east India company history came to an end and the British rule began.


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