Upgrade Your Knowledge About Indian Medieval Period Coins

There are many aspects of Indian history which are exciting to know about. On the other hand, there are several other stories which are not known to most of us. If you were to classify history of India broadly then you can put them in three separate buckets – Ancient, medieval and colonial. Ancient Indian history talks about the different janapadas that existed almost 1000 years ago. Medieval history is a few centuries old while colonial history talks about how India came under British Raj. For some odd reason, I am inclined towards medieval history and I take a completely unconventional route to study the same. Unlike many researchers who take help of books, I prefer studying Indian Medieval Period Coins instead. That’s majorly because these coins are not simply making up random stories. Medieval Period Coins are in a way, solid evidences for all the historical events that took place in that particular era.Medieval coins 2

Some of the most popular Medieval Period Coins of India are issued by the Mughals and Marathas. Collectors are crazy about some beautiful coins of medieval India that were issued by Jahangir. Some of these coins were engraved with lovely couplets. In fact, there are certain collectors of Medieval Coins who are only interested in these specific types. Many of these Medieval Period Coins also come with year dates which make it easier to study the chronology of kings within a dynasty. Some of these coins featured the same designs even after a new ruler took over the throne. Only the year dates and name of emperor was replaced. Medieval Coins were issued in all kinds of metals like silver, gold and copper. Jahangir had issued a special set of gold coins that were based on sun signs. Collectors all over the world are willing to pay lakhs of rupees to buy these amazing Coins of Medieval Period. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your knowledge about Medieval India by collecting Medieval Period Coins.


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