History of Marathas: My Experience of working on a College Project

Different historians have different perceptions and assumptions. Today, when the web world has literally exploded, trying to find an authentic source of information becomes a nightmare sometimes. The other day I was given an assignment in college to do some research about Maratha history. The first thing that all of us do, is hit the search engines. I spent almost three hours browsing through several links that had information about History of Marathas. Many of them had different versions of Maratha history. I had no idea which site to believe in. I somehow tried compiling a few facts from various sites and prepared the required presentation on history of Marathas. I had to present the very next day and was extremely nervous as well. I couldn’t sleep that night. In fact I had a horrible dream of my teacher making fun of me in front of a class filled with more than hundred students.

Maratha Empire

Finally the day arrived; I knew there was no escaping. So I went up there on the podium and started presenting whatever I found on the internet. To my surprise all the students were keenly listening to me. My teacher was silent as well. I wondered, there could be just two possibilities. Either my presentation on history of Marathas was absolutely perfect or nobody understood what I was talking about.  The presentation was complete. There was an awkward silence for a few seconds. Thankfully, everyone started clapping after those anxious moments, except my teacher. I knew I had got some facts wrong. He came up to me and said,”Well done, but you need to go back and check some facts”. He then suggested referring a few good books on Maratha history that were written by famous historians. I was glad that he did not completely reject by presentation. Some fact-checking was required for which I referred to the books on history of Marathas that he had suggested. I went back home and reworked on the presentation again.

It was all over and after the entire incident, I realised that when you are doing some serious research on historical facts, you should rely on good books, authoritative website resources, etc. written by well-known historians.


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