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The internet is an ocean out there. It all depends on how much of the information it shares, you want to consume. But, with that, the problem of authenticity and credibility crops up. Especially when it comes to research subjects like Numismatics, Notaphily and Philately. The biggest problem that most collectors face today is that they find it extremely hard to find a single online platform where they can get authentic information. Mintage World is one-of-its-kind online museum of coins, notes and stamps where you will find all that you need with just a few clicks. The best part is that the database is constantly updated, almost on a daily basis. A team of researchers compiles information and present it in the most convenient way possible.

The banknote museum on mintage world has information about all kinds of Indian banknotes, from British India to republic India and more. It also has detailed obverse and reverse descriptions of every note along with their images. The well-categorized sections make navigation through the website extremely easy. Apart from that, you can also read about various historical facts on this online banknote museum. Similarly, the stamp museum also has information about a varied range of Indian stamps along with detailed design descriptions.

British India Note

If you are someone who has an Indian Coin collection, then Mintage World is an absolute paradise. Here is where you can search for information on various kinds of Indian coins in a totally systematic manner. Very rarely would you find an online museum of coins which not only gives you crucial data about coins but also shares important historical facts related them. By referring to Mintage World you can improve your Indian coin collection and your knowledge at the same time.

Mahatma Gandhi Stamps

So what are you waiting for? Check the Mintage World website to explore an online world of coins notes and stamps right away!


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