Revisiting Some Highlights from the Mughal Empire History

If you were to analyse our country’s past, then there is a lot to explore. Every time-period or era has a different story to say. It all began thousands of years ago so to say. It is believed that the Indian subcontinent was inhabited by humans since pre-historic times. The Harappan civilisation is a testimony to establish this fact. Apart from that, its climate and fertile land was always conducive for agriculture. That’s the reason why kingdoms and emperors constantly eyed regions of the Indian Subcontinent. If you were to consider medieval times, then the history of Mughal Empire is very striking. Some of the greatest kings like Akbar were a part of this Mughal Empire History. Though there were constants fights between Mughals and Marathas, the Mughals conquered most of India. History of Mughal Empire starts with Babur. Several mighty kings followed him, which took the empire to great heights.


Akbar was extremely secular, due to which he gained a lot of popularity and trust from his subjects. He introduced various reforms in favour of the people which kept them happy always. He also promoted art and traditions, which was continued by his son Shahjahan. One of the world’s 7 wonders – Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz. It still remains as a symbol of love all over the world. It is believed that after the completion of the tomb, Shah Jahan cut off the hands of the workers who built this beauty. There are many such interesting facts are hidden in the history of Mughals. Some consider that history of Mughal emperor Akbar is more interesting while many others think that Aurangzeb was a more effective and prolific leader. History of Mughal Empire also speaks about the beautiful coins that were minted by famous emperors like Akbar and Jahangir. Coin collectors from all over the world die to have these lovely coins in their collection. So, if you get some time from your busy schedule, then do take a look at Mughal history.


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  1. Its very nice. I really enjoy your posts, I don’t really understand why you got so much of less follower and less exposure. Are people nowadays that much ignorant towards history? 😢

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