Know Everything about the Tughlaq Dynasty

The Tughlaq Dynasty was the strongest of the Delhi Sultantes; they were of Turkish origin. It was during the year 1321, when Ghazi Tughlaq succeeded the throne and was given the title of Ghiyath-al-Din- Tughlaq. The Tughlaq were strong and ruled for a very long time as they had the support of the Turks, Afghans and Muslim warriors of south Asia. Ghazi Malik was the real founder and he founded the city of Tughlaqbad outside Delhi. He fought a war against Khusrao Khan, who killed the last Khilji ruler.

Tughluq Dynasty

In the history of the Tughlaq Dynasty, Muhammad Bin Tughlaq has been the most controversial ruler in India. He was the successor of Ghazi Tughlaq and was considered crazy by his men in the court. However, none could match his brilliance on subjects like Maths and Medicine. Mistakes made by his troops made him angry as brutal punishments were given to them, even for minor ones. If one goes through the history of Muhammad Bin Tughlaq’s life, one will see that he was the first ruler to bring token currency into the picture. He also planned an expedition for the conquest of Karajal but it wasn’t successful.

It was during his last days, the whole of India became independent. He was a man of many talents as he knew astronomy, logic, philosophy and calligraphy. He built the fortress of Adilabad and the city of Jahanpanah. Muhammad Bin Tughlaq was a great leader in the history of Tughlaq Dynasty. After him, Feroz Shah Tughlaq took over the throne. But unlike Muhammad, he was a sympathetic ruler, who cared for his men and heard their problems. Feroz Shah was not at all aggressive in nature and didn’t have the military strength to conquer kingdoms.  After Feroz Shah Tughlaq’s death, the Tughlaq dynasty faded away.


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