What do you know about History of Sayyid Dynasty?

If you were to consider the history of India, it is vast. In fact the word “vast” would be undermining the vastness of our history. What we are exposed to in school is close to nothing when compared with the actual history. Same is the case with Sayyids history. Very few of us might have even come across anything about Sayyid Dynasty. You would be really surprised to know some amazing aspects of Sayyids history. Through the study of coins issued by the Sayyids, historians and researchers have explored a lot about the Sayyid Dynasty. Right from the kind of emperors who were a part of the dynasty to the major events that changed Sayyids history, there is a lot to learn. There are several websites where you can find information about the Sayyids, but you cannot be fully sure if the information is coming from an authentic source.


Sayyid dynasty was a part of the Delhi sultanate (c. 1414–51). It came after the Tughluq dynasty and was followed by Afghan Lodīs. They claim themselves to be the decedents of Prophet Muhammad. The Turkic conqueror Timur captured Delhi in 1398 weakening the Delhi sultanate. For 50 years, many parts of north India were ruled by many military chiefs like the Sharqī sultans of Jaunpur. Khizr Khan, who had been governor of the Punjab, was the first ruler under the Sayyid Dynasty and reigned from 1414–21. Mubārak Shah was another prominent ruler who was assassinated in 1434. Finally, Bahlūl Lodī from Punjab captured Delhi and from there began the Lodī Dynasty. It is sad to know that many of us Indians are unaware about these invasions and dynasties that was a significant part of our history. So take some time out and learn in detail about Sayyids history so that you are at least aware how our country shaped.


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