Why Should Collectors Read About Mughal History Before Collecting Mughal Coins?

Very often you must have heard about a rare Mughal gold mohur getting sold for extremely high values. Have you ever wondered why? That is because of the fascinating Mughal Empire History. When it comes to Mughal history the first kings who come to our mind are Akbar and Shahjahan. Akbar was known for his secular outlook which made him one of the most loved Mughal kings. His ministries had people from different religions as well. History of Mughals in India also talked about how Akbar abolished the tradition of acquiring heavy taxes from people who did not originally follow Islam. He promoted art, literature and architecture to a great extent.

Mughal Gold Mohur


If you look closely at a Mughal Gold Mohur issued by Akbar, you will notice all his values and beliefs.

Then we had Shahjahan, who is talked about in the Mughal empire history for building Taj Mahal for his wife Noorjahan. As we all know that Taj Mahal is one if the Seven Wonders of the World and we should be proud about the fact that it is situated on our soil. Very recently, a lovely mughal gold mohur issued by emperor Shahjahan was sold for lakhs of rupees. Coin collectors from all over the world are keen on enhancing their knowledge about mughal empire history. It is only when you start learning about history of Mughals in India that you will start analysing coinage at a deeper level. A numismatist who is backed with sound knowledge about mughal history will exactly know which coins are rare and which are not so rare. This way you will be able to study the actual market rate of a mughal gold mohur. You can also be assured about the fact that no coin dealer is actually fooling you. The more you read about mughal history, the more you would realise how amazing it is.


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