Fascinating Aspects about History of Kushan Empire that will Truly Amaze You

There were several vast empires mentioned in the history of India that have shaped our country and traditions. We generally talk about the Mughal Empire or Maratha empire and many of us are unaware about the other powerful kings and rulers who were the pillars of ancient Indian history. Kushan Empire was one of them. History of Kushan Empire is literally glorious and each one of us should be aware about it. Apart from that, coinage that emerged from Kushan Empire has a lot of importance in the field of numismatics. So, today, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of kushan empire history quickly.

Kushan Empire History

The Kushan Empire history dates back to the early first century, when it was built in the Bactrian territories by Yeuzhi. The empire comprised of modern day Afghanistan, Pakistan and the northern parts of India till present day Varanasi. When we talk about history of kushan empire, one cannot forget Kanishka the Great. He followed Buddhism initially but as the empire extended towards the south, Kushans became more and more influenced by Hinduism. This shift in religious ideology is reflected through the coinage of Kushan Empire as well. The origin of Kushans is still a mystery. Some say that they have an Iranic origin; others say that they had a Tocharian base while many others say that they have an Indo-European origin.  Many parts of modern-day China were also a part of Kushan Empire. It was believed that there was a direct road from Gandhara to China which was also under the Kushan Empire. They also maintained diplomatic relations with the Roman Empire, Sasanian Persia, Aksumite Empire and Han China.

Kanishka I (c. 127 – c. 140), who ruled over a period of 13 years, controlled the Kushan Empire from two capitals: Purushapura and Mathura. He is also built the ancient Fort at modern day Bathinda named Qila Mubarak. There are many other interesting facts and information about history of Kushan Empire which will truly amaze you. Whenever you get a chance, keep reading more about it and discover how our country evolved since ages.


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