The Cruel Truth behind the History of Tughlaq Dynasty

Since ancient times, India was ruled by several dynasties covering empires in various geographic locations. There are only a handful of them that we are aware about. There is a need to create awareness among the masses about these dynasties so that we are closer to our history and traditions. History of tughlaq dynasty is one such chapter which is lost somewhere. Very few know about the cruel stories hidden behind Tughlaq Dynasty. Various historians and researchers have contributed immensely to reveal unknown facts about Muhammad bin Tughlaq history. There are many websites which talk about tughlaq dynasty in detail as well. But one can’t be dead sure about the authenticity of the source of information. So let’s take a look at some interesting facts about history of tughlaq dynasty that you might have never come across.

Tughluq Dynasty

First of all, it was a Muslim dynasty that had a Turko-Indian origin. They ruled over the Delhi Sultanate from 1320 onwards under the regime of Ghazi Malik. The Delhi Sultanate was ruled by Khalji Dynasty before the Tughlaqs came in. History of muhammad bin tughlaq is a crucial chapter when we talk about Tughlaq Dynasty since his military campaigns helped in expanding the territory. The Dynasty reached its peak from 1330 to 1335. He attacked and plundered Malwa, Gujarat, Mahratta, Tilang, Kampila, Dhur-samundar, Mabar, Lakhnauti, Chittagong, Sunarganw and Tirhut. He attacked non-Muslim territories and looted wealth to a great extent. There was a lot of unrest in the Indian Subcontinent when he tried raising huge amounts of taxes from his people, especially non-muslims. Muhammad bin tughlaq history cannot omit the cruel punishments and executions that he imposed on his own people. He was also against certain sections of his own community like the Sayyids (Shia), Sufis and Qalandars. He changed the capital of his kingdom from Delhi to Deogir in Maharashtra which was renamed to Daulatabad. People who refused to migrate were executed as well. Vijaynagar Empire was responsible to halt the expansion of Tughlaq dynasty in the South.

So now that you know something about the history of Tughlaq Dynasty, dive into the depths and understand how India evolved to become who we are today!


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