Why every Indian should take pride in Collecting Antique Coins of India

If you are a collector of antique coins of India then you are very lucky indeed. There is so much to explore that you will be truly amazed. From ancient times to medieval and rare coins of British India, it is an entire galaxy out there. Start anywhere you want, you will find significant historical stories hidden behind all antique Indian coins. The joy of getting into the depths of these amazing stories from out past cannot be expressed in words. You will have to start collecting antique coins of India to feel this joy.

Colonial coins are the ones that were issued by the British, French, Dutch and Portuguese. Out of all of these types, rare coins of British India are sought after all over the world. Many of the major auction houses have sold the rarest coins of India for extremely high amounts. Now, that’s another reason why you should indulge in this exciting hobby. Apart from colonial coins, you can also invest in rare ancient coins of India as well. Coins from the Gandhara Janapada date back from 600BC to 300 BC. Wouldn’t you feel proud to own antique Indian coins belonging to that era?

Now the question that might have come to your mind would be, “how can I start collecting antique coins of India?” Well, the answer is very simple. All you need to do is attend coin exhibitions around you and start interacting with experienced numismatists. You could first invest a small amount in an interesting coin of your choice and slowly build your collection with time.

No matter how we evolve, these rarest coins of India have left behind a historical trail through which we can decode several interesting aspects from our past. The moment you take an effort for learning about our rich traditions and cultures, you will start feeling proud to be an Indian.


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