Genesis of Maratha Empire by Shivaji Maharaj!

There are several chapters in Indian history that we must take pride in. From ancient times, the Indian subcontinent has been attacked by several external invaders. There are very few dynasties which kept their head high and fought these invasions bravely. Maratha history talks about the amazing stories of their brave emperors and kingdoms. When it comes to the history of Maratha, nobody can forget the name Shivaji Maharaj. He was not only fierce in terms of protecting his own men and territory but also was known for his fantastic administrative reforms. No ruler or emperor can gain respect and trust unless and until he works for the welfare of his people. No wonder Shivaji Maharaj will go down as one of the greatest rulers of Maratha Empire! Even today, you will find thousands of staunch followers of this great leader and visionary. So much so, that the legacy if Maratha dynasty makes its presence felt even in this modern day and age.

Marathas History
Maratha Empire

With the birth of Shivaji in the year 1627, the history of Marathas began to be etched. He took control over the declining Adilshahi Sultanate in Bijapur to form his own empire. He was named as the Emperor officially in 1674 to give rise to the Maratha Empire. The most important factor about the history of Maratha Empire was Shivaji’s innovative military tactics that were used to defeat even his stronger opponents.


Shivaji Maharaj

His father Shahaji Bhonsle was a General who served the Deccan sultanate. It is believed that Shivaji’s mother, Jijabai was the one who was his biggest influencer. Like his mother, Shivaji was extremely religious and read the great Hindu epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. During those days, the Deccan area was ruled by three different Islamic rulers and Shivaji started propagating the concept of Hindavi Swarajya. When Shahaji left for a military operation for the Adilshahis, Shivaji was left behind with his mother along with his master Dadoji Konddeo. From a very early age, Shivaji explored his land completely which helped him in his future conquests and attacks. He was only 15 years old when he bribed the Torna fort from a Bijapuri commander. He was imprisoned from 1653 to 55 for his revolts. After his father’s death in 1665, Shivaji started with his conquests again by attacking adjacent feudatory Adilshahi states. An experienced general of Adil Shah, Afzal Khan was killed by Shivaji at Pratapgad in 1659. Following that incident the Bijapur Sultanate was defeated by Shivaji and his men at the Battle of Pratapgad. This was only the first victroy in the history of Marathas. Several victories and fort conquests followed.

To know more in detail about Maratha history you must start researching by referring authentic online and offline sources. This will give you a fair Idea how great Maratha Empire was!


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