History of the Khiljis: What to Believe and What not to Believe

How much do you know about khilji dynasty rulers like alauddin khilji or bakhtiyar khilji? Not much right? That’s because we have been taught only certain sections of Indian history in our text books. There is a need for youngsters to come out of their shell and start reading more about khilji history. It is only when you dive into the depths of history of the khaljis that you will understand the fascinating aspects behind it. So what should you do when you want to research about khiljis dynasty?

Khaljis Dynasty HistoryRather than referring twenty random websites that share facts and tales about history, you must refer more authentic sources like books written by well-known historians. Interesting sources like these will in fact tell you certain unknown aspects that you had never come across before.

Alauddin Khalji

The problem with referring to different websites is that each one will have their own version of Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji. You cannot be hundred percent sure of these facts really. It is always better to cross check facts with someone who has read history in depth. Much better than learning the wrong facts about khilji dynasty! There are many out there who want to present their own versions about Muhammad Khilji for their own personal motives. You have to rise above them and only trust genuine facts. If you fall for these conspiracies and theories you might end up having a biased opinion about the history of the khaljis.

So how can you verify whether a source is correct or not when it comes to researching? The first thing you should do always is check for the reference section. If it contains trustable sources that talk about khilji dynasty rulers then you can be rest assured that the article is genuine. But the problem with many of these historians is that several events mentioned do not have sound evidence. You will find historians on both side of the debate when it comes to khilji history. That’s the reason why, I prefer reading about khilji dynasty architecture, economic, social reforms etc. than being prejudiced by certain opinions of certain people who have a larger motive in mind!


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