Why collecting Coins of India is an interesting hobby

Throughout the world, people have interesting hobbies to keep themselves busy. Sometimes, these hobbies transform into an undying passion. Some people have a passion for photography, some like painting and some love collecting coins of India. And it has been noticed that those who have the flames of passion burning in their hearts have one thing in common and that is joy for their work.

There is a reason why coin collectors love collecting Indian coins. Collectors by nature are curious personalities and they have always been known as explorers of coins. Their journey of collecting Indian coins begins at a very early age and gradually they study a particular dynasty, since they’re natural explorers, they spend a lot of time on research. And after being engulfed with all the information, they visit events and exhibitions where one coin of India steals their hearts. And it is simply magical for them to witness all the ancient coins with spectacular obverse and reverse designs.

But things have changed for the better with time as coins in India have evolved quite a bit. With technology coming into play, coins from India are built with special care, using state-of-the-art tools that are in par with global standards.

However, the main thing that fascinates numismatists is learning and understanding about the history behind Indian coins. Ancient coins during the Mughal period were minted in a special manner and kings during those times were creatively inclined, thus came up with interesting designs. Studying about these coins gives coin collectors immense pleasure and joy. And they therefore are very possessive about their collection and don’t like disclosing it to anyone.

Although, studying about Indian coinage requires a lot of patience and time, numismatists happily give all their attention to them. And after conquering the field of numismatics, coin collectors happily share their knowledge with the world. Therefore, wherever they go, people get attracted towards them like moth to a flame. Coin collectors are very simple looking people, but their knowledge about Indian coins is marvelous and therefore people around the world have tremendous respect for them.



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