Sub-Classification of Coins of Medieval India

If you are a numismatist who is looking to collect coins of medieval India, then there are opportunities galore. When it comes to variety as well, there is a lot to explore. Most of us have a wrong assumption that Mughal and Maratha coins were the only major coins that come under medieval period coins category.

Delhi sultanate

Under the Delhi Sultanates there were different dynasties like the Mamluk, Khaljis, Tughlaq, Suri, Ghori, Lodi and Sayyids. Each of these Dynasties issued different kinds of medieval coins.

Hindu Kingdoms

Then there are various Hindu Kingdoms that prevailed in the medieval times. They include Nolambas, Gahadavalas of Kanauj, Shilahara, Hoysalas, Eastern Gangas, Chudasama, Vaghelas, Chandellas of Jejakabhukti, Imperal chola, katoch, Yadavas of Devagiri. These Hindu dynasties ruled different parts of the subcontinent over various time spans. All of them issued medieval coins in gold silver and bronze featuring different symbols and designs.

Recent Sultans

Another category you could go for is coinage of the more recent Sultans like Malwa Sultan, Jaunpur Sultanate, Sultans of Sindh, Sultans of Kashmir, Ahmednagar Sultanate, Deccan Sultanate, Bengal Sultans, Sultans of Madura, Gujarat Sultan and Kalpi Sultanate


The Mughals ruled from 1526 to 1857. The dynasty comprised of several important kings like Akbar, Jahangir etc. Each one of them had issued some really beautiful medieval period coins. Even if you were to only collect Mughal coins, you would be really surprised to know the number of varieties available.

Independent Empires

Then, there were several other independent Kingdoms like Sikh, Ahoms, Mysore, Maratha, Vijayanagar and its feudatories. All of them were fierce and brave to protect their own territories. Vijayanagar coins are considered to be some of the most beautiful coins of medieval India that maintained the highest standards of artistry, detail and fineness.

Princely State Coins

That’s not it! There are coins that were issued by separate Princely states as well. The list of Princely states that prevailed in medieval India is almost endless. You might want to build a collection with one coin from each of these princely states.

Like mentioned earlier, there are several opportunities, all you need to do is network with the right kind of experts. Take an effort in finding interesting and historically significant coins of medieval India. Once you get the hang of it, you will surely fall in love with the entire process!


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