Types of Colonial Coins that every collector should look out for!

We all know that India was exploited extensively under the British Raj. They imposed heavy taxes and resorted to divide and rule policy to spur communal violence within the country. They had several hidden motives and agendas when they started trading with us. The Indian subcontinent was once upon a time, one of the richest... Continue Reading →


A look at how Indian Medieval Coins evolved

In 712 AD, the Arabs conquered Sindh and ruled it as a province of the Caliphate. But during the 9th century AD, provincial governors established independent rule and struck their own coins. However, the coins of medieval India underwent changes in the 12th century, with the emergence of Turkish Sultans of Delhi. The unit of... Continue Reading →

Why Collectors Love Coins Of India?

We use currency so frequently in our lives that we do not put much thought on it. Before currency was introduced, barter system was used for transactions. For example an x amount of rice was exchanged for an x amount of milk. There was a need to introduce some kind of standard in transactions which... Continue Reading →

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