Four Old Indian Stamps from Colonial Period You Should Consider Collecting

There are several interesting stamps in India which are worth collecting. Here’s a list of some that were issued during the British Regime. This is one of the beautiful stamps of India that was issued between 1887 and 1900 featuring a portrait of Queen Victoria. The stamp had a colour tone of brown –orange and... Continue Reading →


What to Look For When you Buy Stamps of India Online

With times, the ways of collecting stamps have changed in a great way. Today, you have the provision to Buy Indian Stamps Collection Online, making the process much simpler. A few decades back, collectors had to wait for letters from their friends and relatives, but now you have the option to order stamps online. Let’s... Continue Reading →

A Look at the Most Exciting Stamps of India

Stamp collection can be a very exciting hobby, especially when you are living in a country like India. The varied themes, events and personalities featured on stamps of India will surely amaze you. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant Indian stamps that can add value to your collection. The first stamps... Continue Reading →

Say Hello to the World of Indian Stamps

There has always been a good demand for rare Indian stamps among philatelists all over the world. Collectors are mainly attracted to the variety of topics that stamps in India are based on. Our country is so diverse that topics are bound to be equally vibrant as well. From religions, to languages, cultures, traditions and... Continue Reading →

Stamps in India reflect Unity in Diversity!

The vibrant culture, traditions and history of our country has been depicted on stamps of India since a very long time. For collectors who love following a particular theme, Indian stamps are a dream to collect. There is so much to explore that you will be truly amazed. The latest additions by India Post will... Continue Reading →

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