Kanishka – The Greatest King of Kushan Empire

History experts believe that Kajula Kadphises was the founder of Kushan dynasty which originally was one of the five tribes within the Yueh-chi tribe tribe who lived in Chinese Turkistan.  Kushan empire history begins with their first invasions that started in the 1st century AD. During these invasions, they defeated the Bactrians, Parthians and Sakas. The... Continue Reading →


Why collecting Coins of India is an interesting hobby

Throughout the world, people have interesting hobbies to keep themselves busy. Sometimes, these hobbies transform into an undying passion. Some people have a passion for photography, some like painting and some love collecting coins of India. And it has been noticed that those who have the flames of passion burning in their hearts have one... Continue Reading →

History of Cooch Behar State in Brief

Cooch Behar State was earlier known as Pragjyotisha which has also been mentioned in the great Hindu Epics of Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The western part of Pragjyotisha was called Kamarupa later and was under the Guptas and Palas for certain years. Cooch behar history states that Kamarupa was attacked by Muslim Army in A.D.1498.... Continue Reading →

Coins of Peshwa, their history and types!

Each region of the Indian subcontinent has a rich history behind it. The Rajputs are famous in western India while the Vijayanagar Empire was famous in South India. When it comes to the Mharashtra region, two dynasties come into the picture: Marathas and Peshwas. The Marathas were led by the warrior King Shivaji Maharaj ,... Continue Reading →

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