How Coins of the World present the most Honest Side of History!

A collector rightly said, you can literally discover a new world though coins of the world. There are many hidden aspects of world history that we are not aware about. There are certain other aspects that have been altered, twisted and presented in a different way to the common readers. This could be a part... Continue Reading →


Who Were the Three Rulers of Lodi Dynasty?

Lodi Dynasty replaced the Sayyid Dynasty and was the last to rule the Delhi Sultanate from 1451 to 1526. It was founded by Bahlul Khan Lodi who was the nephew and son-in-law of Malik Sultan Shah Lodi. Bahlul Khan Lodi succeeded Malik Sultan Shah Lodi as the governor of Sirhind under Sayyid dynasty's Muhammad Shah.... Continue Reading →

Stamps in India reflect Unity in Diversity!

The vibrant culture, traditions and history of our country has been depicted on stamps of India since a very long time. For collectors who love following a particular theme, Indian stamps are a dream to collect. There is so much to explore that you will be truly amazed. The latest additions by India Post will... Continue Reading →

Tracing world economics through Coins of the world

A country’s status-quo depends a lot on its monetary system. The stronger, the better, always! This was the case since ancient times. Emperors or rulers who only focused on territorial conquests and wars, found it difficult to efficiently administer their kingdoms. There was a need to keep a balance between economics and expansion, all the... Continue Reading →

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