What Makes Old Indian Coins So Desirable?


Many new collectors have always wondered what makes old Indian coins so desirable. Yes they are very beautiful, they are ancient too, but how are they different from the other ancient coins that are available in the market. Speaking of the market for ancient coins, old Indian coins and Greek coins top the list. Some of the Indian old coins have been sold for lakhs of rupees; same has been the case with many Greek coins as well.

The fact that there were a lot of diverse old Indian coins that were issued by rulers belonging to different time periods and localities is what makes them even more sought after. The Indian subcontinent was divided into various janapadas based on boundaries, dynasties and time periods. Each janapada issued Indian old coins with their own motifs and inscriptions. Ancient Coins of India issued under the Guptas, Maurya era can be found in varying ranges, shapes, denominations and metals. The pricing of old Indian coins are not just dependent on the intrinsic value of the coin, but also the design, the rarity, the quality and many other factors. Very often you would find news on the internet where old Indian coins are sold at very impressive rates. You would also find investors who buy old Indian coins and then wait for its value to appreciate over the years and sell it later at auctions. Reports have suggested that dealers of old Indian coins have made a lot of money by pursuing a business like this.

Even expert numismatists like to research about old Indian coins as there is so much to explore. Each emperor issued coins featuring various motifs and inscriptions. By studying these inscriptions you can learn about the vast and interesting history of the Indian subcontinent. The amount of gold coins that have been found belonging to ancient India confirms that India was indeed a rich country and there many hidden mysteries to be explored.  That’s the reason why when it comes to ancient coins of the world, old Indian coins have a special place in the hearts of collectors.



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